Alli Hoag works across mediums of glass, installation, video, and performance to investigate human desire to connect with the  unknowable, and to reveal the simultaneous lightness and heaviness that is created when the imagined or invisible is labored into the physical realm.  Alli completed her BFA degree in Glass at University of Hawaii at Manoa, graduated with a Master’s in Fine Art from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and currently serves as Associate Professor of Glass and Glass Area Head at Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, OH.

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Artist Statement

We select, we measure, we order, we map. These actions record surface and distance. Our experience is a process of relating to a world outside of ourselves, an other.   We form intimacy with foreign bodies by a colliding of skin. Intimacy, while describing a sense of closeness, simultaneously reveals the inescapable condition of distance that is the boundary of one’s own skin. To be human is to be driven by the desire to bridge this gap.

 My artwork investigates the material qualities of glass to oscillate between a vocabulary of connection and uncertainty.  In concert with these material values, the participatory role of the viewer has become the connective tissue throughout the body of work, through phenomenological and somesthetic lenses, where the viewer’s embodied subjectivity completes the work. 

On a core level, I value the ability for art to give the gift of seeing something different, something that demands a deeper form of looking. When we physically see something, the activation of cones and rods in the eye are translated into patterns that the brain interpretes and names.  Familiar patterns are easily recognized by the brain and disregarded; but something out of the ordinary disrupts the comfortable monotony and forces the brain to approach and question what they are experiencing.  Confusing images or moments, and/or a moment of seeing more than you knew that you could are all mechanisms in my body of work to woo the viewer into extended looking.  It is my hope that my work in some way connects the viewer with their inner desire to commune with the mysterious.


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Alli Hoag                        

2012     New York State College of Ceramics, School of Art and Design at
            Alfred University, Alfred NY
            Master of Fine Art, Sculpture/Dimensional Studies: Glass
2006     University of Hawaii at Manoa, Oahu, HI
            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Glass

            Bowling Green State University
            ~Associate Professor and Glass Area Head
              Bowling Green State University
            ~Full Time Lecturer and Glass Area Head

            The Arts Commission
            Committee Member-Momentum Arts/ Industry Intersection Steering Committee
2019     Robert Minkoff Teaching Symposium, Brooklyn, NY
              Judge and Presenter
2018     The Arts Commission
            Judge -Momentum Arts and Industry Intersection
2017     The Arts Commission
            Executive Exhibition Chair and Co-Curator -Momentum Juried Glass Exhibition

2021     Ohio Arts Council 
             Ohio Arts Council Biennial Exhibition Juror’s Award

2021     Bowling Green State University
            Glanz Family Collaborative Research Award (with Catie Newell)
2020     Bowling Green State University Institute for Culture and Society- Fellowship       
2019     Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
            First Place Award in the Regional Michigan Juried Glass Exhibition
2017     Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
            Second Place Award in the Regional Michigan Juried Glass Exhibition
2015     Glass Art Society, Seattle, WA
            2015 Emerging Artist at the San Jose G.A.S. Conference

2023     Glass Art Pavillion Project (GAPP) Residency, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledoo, OH
2014     S12 Galleri og Verksted, Bergen, Norway 
2012     Cite des Arts, Paris, France

2017     Alternative Beginnings II, River House Arts, Toledo, OH
2017     Alternative Beginnings, Gallery at Milsaps College, Jackson, MS
2017     Umwelt, Roy C. Moore Art Gallery at University of North Georgia, Gainesville, GA. 
2015     The Distance of the Moon, Agnes Varis Art Center at UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY 

2017     Bylta-Sending. Performance with Tinna Thorsteindottir, Urbanglass, Brooklyn, NY. 
2017     Bylta-Sending. Performance with Tinna Thorsteindottir, Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA.
2017     Bylta-Sending. Performance with Tinna Thorsteindottir, Glass Art                       
             Society Conference, Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA. 
2015     Bylta, 2300 Performance with Tinna Thorsteindottir, Glass Amphitheater, 
             Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.

2023     Ireland Glass Biennale, Coach House Gallery, Dublin Castle Gardens, Dublin, Ireland
2021     Ohio Arts Council Biennial Exhibition, Riffe Gallery, Columbus, OH and Medici Museum, Warren, OH
2021     Lifeforms 2021, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA
2020     Glass Art Society Conference Member’s Exhibition, online
2020     Spring/Break Art Show,625 Madison Ave, New York, NY. 
2019     Michigan Regional Glass Exhibition, Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI 
2018     Spacelab, National Liberty Museum Philadelphia, PA
2017     Michigan Regional Glass Exhibition, Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
2016     LifeForms 2016, Hodge Gallery at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh PA + Gallery                          
              at 171 Cedar Arts, Corning, NY                       
2013     Art in Craft Media, Burchfield Penny Art Center at Buffalo State, Buffalo, NY
2012     UrbanGlass MFA Exhibition, 111 Front St., Brooklyn, NY
2012     Young and Loving, S12 Gallery, Bergen, Norway

2023     Moral MaterialsBulkspace, Detroit, MI
2020     Intersection Art Fair, representation by Momentum Gallery, Chicago, IL 
2019     Sculptural Art/ Functional Objects, representation by Momentum Gallery, Chicago, IL
2018     Sculptural Art/ Functional Objects, representation by Momentum Gallery, Chicago, IL 
2018     Swing States, Sculpture Center Gallery, Cleveland, OH+ Chihuly Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL       
2018     Reflections, Momentum Gallery, Asheville NC

2021     Carlton Edwards Architecture and Design
              Cast Crystal Sculptural Wall Installation for Milkey Residence, Asheville NC.
2019     Promedica Hospital
              Meditation Room Installation


2022     Glass Art Society Conference, Tacoma, WA
               Presenter-Glass Taxidermy Lecmo
2021     Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

Summer Masterclass Instructor “Glass Taxidermy”
2019     Ball State Visiting Artist
               Lecture and Casting Workshop
2017     SECAC Conference
 Presenter- “Setting the Tone: Case Studies of Intersections between Glass and Music”
2017     Robert Minkoff Glass Pedagogy Symposium, Brooklyn, NY
 Presenter- “The Digital Apprentice” (with Zac Weinberg)
2015     Bullseye Glass Convention, Bay Area, CA
 Lecture on the “Residency Experience”.
2015 Glass Art Society Conference, San Jose, CA
               Emerging Artist Lecture

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